Our history

When Bernhard and Ruth Rutz first travelled to Nepal in 1974 for a trekking trip, they could never have known that the country would have such a significant impact on their lives and that it would be the origin of Prabina Foundation.

In 1980, they got to know the manager of the governmental orphanage Balmandir in Kathmandu. Upon engaging with her, they become inspired to support other vulnerable children and youths any way they could.

With the support of friends, family, colleagues and sponsors, Bernhard and Ruth started helping children and youths in Nepal as early as 1981. As this help grew, Prabina Foundation was formally established in 2006.

The Foundation has come a long way since then. There are currently over 80 Nepali children and youths who are being supported to pursue their entire education with the support of long-term relationships with sponsor parents from Europe. Prabina house for girls was built to ensure that a safe home represented the essence for a sustainable future. The Foundation still prides itself in the same values on which it was originally founded: the children come first. Prabina Foundation is based on a bottom-up, locally led approach which provides 360 degree support and care from health and hygiene, to education and career support.

Mohan Kumari Shrestha

Co-Founder Nepal

Bernhard Rutz


Ruth Rutz