The Prabina Foundation is committed to protecting your donors’ credit card information in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Privacy Standard (PCI DSS). Our commitment to this standard is reflected in the people, technologies and processes we employ. We perform regular vulnerability scans and penetration tests in accordance with the PCI DSS requirements for our business model. In addition, our PCI compliance is confirmed annually by a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). Our most recent Certificate of Compliance (AOC) was issued by SIX Payment Services AG in July 2019.



Prabina Foundation

Prabina Stiftung
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The Prabina Foundation is tax-exempt and recognized as a non-profit organization in all Swiss cantons.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people in Nepal. Here are a few suggestions:

Sponsoring a child
Support a project
Voluntary organization of a fundraising campaign
Become an ambassador

We offer children and young people in Nepal a safe, family home and a good education so that they can build an independent and dignified life.

Our Vision