How you can help

Sponsor a child

Sponsor the education of a Nepalese child or youth in need, accompany them on their path as god parents and help ensure they can have a selfreliant, dignified life.

Make a donation

Make a donation to help ensure that the foundation can maintain highquality support and activities that ensure a sustainable future for the
children and youths in Nepal. Set up a piggy bank account with Postfinance. Give the gift of donation to a friend for a special occasion.

Support or contribute a project

Make a contribution to a specific project that is aimed at improving the lives of the children and youths. We have many ideas and needs. Our donors and sponsors contribute to projects by supporting earthquake-safe infrastructure, ensuring each child and youth has a fruit per day, or helping an individual student get an apprenticeship by equipping them with a necessary technical tool. The ideas are manifold and all forms of support are welcome.

Volunteer to organize a fundraiser

Volunteer to organize a fundraiser amongst friends or colleagues that enables Prabina Foundation to continue to support vulnerable children and youths in Nepal. This could be as simple as having a donation box at a birthday or company party or could be linked to hosting an event such as a bake sale, sporting event or concert.

Be an ambassador

Inform friends, family and colleagues about Prabina Foundation and its activities promoting children’s education in Nepal. Encourage them to help Prabina Foundation by sponsoring a child, making a donation, supporting a project or volunteering to organize a fundraiser.

Still need some inspiration?

See how other donors are supporting Prabina in different ways.