Who we are


We focus our efforts in Nepal on vulnerable children and youths by creating a local, loving and enabling home environment. By supporting capability-based education, and fostering their wellbeing, children and youths are enabled to build a self-reliant life.

What makes us different

We are a loving, large family made up of Nepali children and youths and sponsor parents and donors from Europe. Our sponsor parents are in regular, personal contact and exchange with their respective child or youth as we believe that this form of direct sponsorship and care is integral to building trusting, long-term relationships.

We enable while respecting the local context and culture, and nurture the entire education and well-being of vulnerable children and youths to help ensure they receive 360 degree care.

This holistic approach translates into support for the individual, capabilitybased needs of each Prabina student.

Our enabling approach aims to ensure that each student is accompanied through their entire education until they are self-reliant and able to live on their own with dignity. After completing their sponsorship they usually lead a self-reliant life, have built something for themselves and keep telling the story of how being a member of our big Prabina family has changed their life for good in a sustainable way. Many alumni stay connected to younger students guiding and supporting them as mentors.

Values / Philosophy / Approach

The Prabina Foundation prioritizes activities that are in line with its five core values. These are: children and youths, locally driven, enabling, familial environment and accountability.

Familial environment

We place high value on offering a caring, familial environment so that vulnerable children and youths have a safe space to develop, play and learn.

Prabina Foundation prides itself in a locally-led approach based on Nepali values that ensures that vulnerable children and youths are provided with 360 degree care to meet their personal and educational needs exclusively provided by Nepalese people. This is based on the understanding that each child is supported for their entire education, from beginning to end including integration into the labor market, and that they are nurtured with the love and care of a big Prabina family.

The aim of the foundation is to ensure that vulnerable children and youths have an enabling environment so that they can become self-reliant adults. The foundation does not discriminate for the selection of children and youths but tries to support those who are the most vulnerable, in need and unable to receive support from their families and other institutions.