Prabina Foundation currently provides a safe home, access to quality education, and health and well-being to over 80 Nepali children and youths in order to enable them to build a self-reliant and dignified life. The Prabina Foundation is able to carry out the following core activities through the support of sponsor parents, individual donations and grants.

A safe home

We provide a safe, familial home environment for those who do not have one as well as a meeting space for those who live with their families. Currently, we have the Prabina house for girls that can offer a safe space, care and sense of family and are working towards building a boys house. The Foundation makes an effort to ensure that children and youths stay with reliable family members when possible and helps to find alternative boarding options when necessary.

Access to quality education

We help children and youths have access to a high quality, capability-based education. Regardless of whether the children live in Prabina house or with their families, we support them with school fees, stationery and other education costs, provide tutoring and guidance for their education and career development in the labor market. We also organize additional skill development courses and extra-curricular activities.

Transition support to self-reliance

We ensure that the children and youths that we support are sponsored for their entire education through schooling but also mentorship programs and a local support network to help guide them in their career development. This ensures they have the foundation to have a self-reliant and dignified life.

Health and well-being

We promote health, hygiene and psychological well-being through medical check-ups, counselling, sports and leisure activities as well as access to electricity, safe drinking water, and a balanced food diet. We take gender needs and perspectives into account when addressing these issues. Prabina house is assessed and maintained according to earthquake safety measures.