Our people

In Switzerland, Prabina Foundation is made up of the Foundation Board and the Management Team.

The Foundation Board is comprised of five members, from the non-profit and private sector with a joint committed towards improving children’s situation in Nepal. Each member supports Prabina Foundation with their own financial means and personal engagement, which includes their work as trustees, the work trips to Nepal, as well as a sponsorship of a child.

Josef Meier


"My motivation to work for Prabina is to help children in need and provide them with a education."

Marianne Haefner-Jeltsch


"After obtaining my Matura at the Solothurn Cantonal School and following study of a few semesters of biology at the ETH Zurich, I completed my training as a physiotherapist. Through my many years of work experience it brought me closer to the people in need. "

Stefano Ghisleni


"I have been very fortunate in my life and so I like to give something back to society. As an experienced architect, I can contribute to our foundation projects through my many years of professional experience and specialization in the fields of general planning, project and construction management."

Renée Queloz-Fürrer


"As a mother of two daughters and "Momi" of four healthy grandchildren, I was very impressed by the work of the Prabina Foundation after a visit in Kathmandu. So I decided to do something good for the disadvantaged children in Nepal."

Peter Hertl


"To enable children in need with education and training to lead a self-determined, independent and fulfilled life - what could be better? I find it highly motivating to work with the team on the further development of Prabina for the children and to ensure that Prabina can continue to fulfil this fantastic task in the future. I am convinced that with my many years of professional and life experience in Europe, North and South America, I can make a constructive contribution to this."

Thomas Keller


"As a paediatrician, I would also like to support people with my knowledge and skills - especially children - in underserved parts of the world."

Gabriele Hofmann-Schmid


"Globally and in numbers, Prabina's contribution may be a small drop in the bucket, but for the children and teenagers we help in the Prabina Foundation, it's life changing and it means the world for them - that's what counts. What has been built with so much heart and soul at Prabina, must be continued. That's my motivation."

Management Team

The Management Team is composed of four members who help design tools, develop approaches and ensure implementation of operational activities in Switzerland and in Nepal.


Renée S. Hernández Rutz

Managing Director

"Empowering children and teenagers in their context is my conviction."

As a communications professional I want to spreading excitment for Prabina Foundation. As the Foundation's MD, I am investing my energy into the empowerment of a high performing team, to live and deliver the shared vision.

Georges Spörri

Team member

"I gladly give a small part of my life to children and teenagers in need and I am able to contribute in a great team."

Internationally experienced and versatile HR professional, passionate software developer and entrepreneur who supports HR in the digitization.

Juan M. Ruiz

Team member

"Providing access to education and values to children and youth is the key to a better future. I am extremely thankful to be contributing through design and the mission of Prabina."

I provide design strategy that simplifies business challenges to create user-centered design solutions.

Stefanie Lacher

Team member

"Prabina's commitment and values give me the opportunity to work for a non-profit organization that you can stand behind personally."

Creating new challenges by actively contributing your own ideas and projections gives me the opportunity to continue developping my skills as a Project Coordinator / Event Manager.

Nick James

Team member

"Using his 40+ years of experience to help those having difficulty helping themselves."

Gabrielle Ortais


Rina Alluri


In Nepal

In Nepal, Prabina Foundation Nepal is a registered foundation and nongovernmental organization with its own constitution and General Assembly.

The Foundation Board is comprised of seven members who all share the foundation’s cause, provide support with their important societal connections and are close to the initial manager’s family.

The Foundation operations are run by ten staff members. This includes one full time Coordinator, two full time care givers as well as other staff working part time.




Prashant Shrestha

Administration: Anjali Thapa
Accountant: Prabha Agrawal
Social Worker: Bhawana Mainali
Supervisor: Kanchan Karki
IT Assistant: Shaurav Dhakal
Caretaker: Saraswoti KC
Caretaker: Santa Basnet
Caretaker: Radha Puri
Caretaker: Sumitra Karki
Food Buyer: Kancha Khatri